In Closing

I feel like I never quite ended this blog - like I need to tie it up somehow and close it. After Iron Girl, I completed 2 more sprint distance triathlons for the 2009 season.

Acworth Women's Triathlon - 8/9/09

400 yd swim: 10:43
T1: 2:10
13 Mile Bike: 44:46
T2: 1:18
5K Run: 34:50 <------ ugh, horrible!
Total: 1:33:46

Lake Lanier Islands Triathlon - 10/4/09

400 yd swim: 9:58
T1: 4:42
13 Mile Bike: 45:26
T2: 1:27
5K Run: 30:59

Total: 1:32:29

I can't thank Team in Training, my coaches, teammates, and all of my donors and honored heroes enough for being the absolute highlight of my life this year! The whole experience was life-changing. As an added bonus, I also inspired my hubby to train for and take up the sport of triathlon ...he completed 2 triathlons in 2009 and is anxiously awaiting the start of the 2010 season! Me? I've got some more goals up my sleeve... :-)