Stepping It Up In April

April looks to be a VERY BUSY month for Team in Training! Actually, it will all be very busy from now until event weekend. Our workouts are becoming more intense and our schedule is really crammed with group swims, bike rides, bricks (ride and run combos), "practice competitions" (more on that later), track clinics, transition clinics, tire changing clinics, etc., etc., etc... Our end of month goals are close to double what they were last month in terms of endurance. Let me catch you up on the past 9 days of training:

Sunday: made it to the gym in the late afternoon for a "gym brick": stationary bike ride for 30 minutes followed by a 1 mile run on the treadmill

Monday: 5:15 am boot camp

Tuesday: was in Charlotte for business, so had to settle for a 2 mile run on the hotel gym treadmill

Wednesday: TEAM swim; focusing more on continuous swim, with less breaks in between laps (after all, there will be no pool wall to hang onto during the race day swim in open water!)

Thursday: 5:15 am boot camp

Friday: 5:15 am boot camp; mile run in 8:57

Saturday: 32-mile bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail. Mostly flat trail, with one decent hill and a few small inclines along the way

Sunday: TEAM brick at Stone Mountain (at 7:30am, no less). That 5 mile loop around the mountain was HILLY! After the 32 miles on Saturday, my legs were shot, so I did 10 miles and then ran for 10 minutes. The only silver lining of a 7:30am Sunday morning workout was that I was back home, showered, and taking a nap by 11:00am :-)

Today: Workout #1 - 5:15 am boot camp. Workout #2 - TEAM swim (moved to Monday night for this week). We swam with the Spring Tri team (their event is in less than 3 weeks!) The pool was open for 50m lanes, rather than the 25m lanes we are used to. This required more endurance, but was actually a lot of fun!

(You'll notice that I haven't had a rest day in 13 days, but I also only had one day last week with a double workout, so I don't think I'm overdoing it). I will take my rest day this Thursday, and get back on the type of schedule I was doing last month, only with more intense workouts each time.

Speaking of rest....zzzzzzzzz!

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