Random Snippets

Because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to give regular, comprehensive updates at this point in the season, how about a quick list of random Team in Training/ triathlon/ fundraising/ workout-related goings on? That OK with everyone?
  • I am LESS THAN $100 away from my fundraising goal! WOO HOO!! All of you who have donated are AWESOME - and those of you who haven't donated yet.... there's still time to push me to the finish line!

  • Our training schedule is pretty serious for the last few weeks of the season! Starting today, we have many weekends of "TEAM double workouts," both Saturday and Sunday. Today was a 31-mile bike ride followed by a 30-minute run. Tomorrow is our first open water swim in Lake Allatoona! At 8am. Think that will be cold??? Yeah, I'll let you know tomorrow. :-)

  • Iron Girl is 4 weeks from tomorrow. 4 WEEKS!!! I've really started trying to pay close attention to my nutrition at this point. Regulating my ratio of carbs/proteins/fats and being sure to refuel every couple of hours. I feel great at this point, and hope that this continues through event day.

  • Our Georgia chapter of Team in Training (and one of my TEAM members) was featured on the local NBC news this morning - check it out HERE. I can't say enough about the whole Team in Training experience - it has truly been the most awesome/rewarding thing I have ever done.

I'm "TRI"-ing to save lives...want to help?


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