WA-HOO!! I couldn't wait to get home from the pool tonight to start this...by now you all know this is my favorite type of blog to write! I know my blog posts have been a little less frequent lately (I apologize), but I've been so busy (work, training, etc.) that I don't even find time to get on my laptop many nights during the week. But, I refuse to let my ROCKSTAR tributes wait... These folks below have pushed my donations OVER THE $3,000.00 MARK! So, just like Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, and Round 5, the rules are the same: For each donor mentioned, I'm including the state they sent me their donation from, and how long I've known them. These are listed in alphabetical order by first name - based on the newest donations posted to my TNT website as of today:

Beverly T (Georgia): I met Beverly about 2.5 months ago when she joined our 5:15am boot camp group. Not only is Beverly a great athlete, but has been a great source of information regarding the best bike trails, bike shops, etc. around town!

Cookie Lee Jewelry (Georgia): This represents the donation by Cookie Lee Jewelry consultant Wren Martin. I first bought jewelry from Wren about 3 years ago. When I was looking for a fundraiser to do for LLS, I looked her up and she put together a great catalog "party" for me to conduct. In just a couple of weeks, I sold nearly $1000.00 in jewelry, and Wren donated 25% of the proceeds to LLS!

Gail and Scott M (California): Gail is an ex co-worker and dear friend of my mom's. Her and my mom are workout buddies - they walk and take classes at the gym together. I know my mom can't wait 'til she is fully healed and can get back to these activities with Gail.

Kevin M (Georgia): Kevin is a current co-worker of mine, who I have known for about 6 months. I just found out that Kevin is participating in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk this fall, in honor of his sister and several friends who are breast cancer survivors! How cool is that? :-) Kevin is also a supporter of LLS because he lost his Uncle Virgil to multiple myeloma in 1974.

Marianne B (California): Marianne is my paternal grandmother. She was blessed with good health and youthful looks well into her "golden years" (something I can only hope to inherit!). Grandma has been able to take some fabulous trips to much of the world!

Michele V (Georgia): Michele is another current co-worker of mine, who I have known for about 6 months. Michele's office is right next to mine, and her team and mine work very closely in the finance arena. Michele and her husband are very fitness-oriented, and always sound like they are enjoying life to the fullest - what an inspiration!

So, there you have it... more of my HEROES! Not a day goes by when I am not inspired to push myself farther than I ever imagined! THANK YOU!!!

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