Training Update

I haven't taken the time to give a detailed training update for a while... they may not be the most exciting of posts, but I don't want anyone to think I'm slacking off! ;-) I'll just go back over the past week:

Monday (Workout #1) - 5:15am boot camp - Lots of leg work! Lunges, sprints, inner/outer thigh work with resistance bands. (Workout #2) - 1 hour swim @ gym. After several drills and breathing practice, did a 500 yard continuous swim.

Tuesday (Workout #1) - P90X DVD #1 - Chest & Back. Nearly an hour of push ups and pull ups (or modified pull ups with resistance bands), with a few exercises with dumbbells peppered in. This was my first crack at the P90X set, and I was REALLY impressed. Highly recommend it! (Workout #2) - P90X DVD #12 - Ab Ripper X. This is a great disc - it's a quick 16 minute set of 349 reps for your abs! I love this one and plan to work it in a few times/week.

Wednesday (Workout #1) - 5:15am boot camp - balance work, more push ups (Ow after P90X the day before!), some sprints, some leg work. (Workout #2) - TEAM swim. What an experience! Let me try to set the stage.... 1. all of the lane lines were removed from the 50m pool. 2. Three buoys were placed in the pool, toward the ends/corners. When the whistle blew, we were to swim clockwise, making our way around each buoy. We were to swim for approx. 20 minutes, until our coach blew the whistle again. Sounds easy enough? Well, our other coaches and mentors had some surprises for us! Remember, the idea here was to try to simulate an open water swim (especially the beginning of a race when everyone is crammed together at the start). The coaches and mentors had at least three tricks ups their sleeves... First, a serious amount of ankle grabbing, body slamming, and attempts to swim over us. That really messes up any attempt at a good stroke or breathing pattern! But, it's realistic, and teaches how not to panic on race day. Second, we are supposed to be "sighting" when swimming, which is looking up to make sure we're going in the right direction. DO NOT just follow someone in front of you, because they may be going the wrong way! I saw some instances of coaches/mentors intentionally swimming away from the buoys, just to see how many of us would follow! Third, someone started moving the buoys after every few laps... again, to teach us to keep sighting, and not to assume that we are going in the right direction. I realize this workout may sound a bit like torture to some of you, but they really were very important lessons to prepare us all for race day. I thought it was really fun (when it was all over)! :-)

Thursday - My glorious day of rest!

Friday - 5:15am boot camp - timed run, good mix of upper & lower body work

Saturday (Workout #1) - Brick @ Harbins. 21-mile bike ride, followed immediately by a 1.5 mile run. (Workout #2) - P90X DVD #12 - Ab Ripper X.

All caught up! I have a run planned for later today, and am potentially swimming twice (once in the morning and again in the evening) tomorrow! Next Sunday is our first open water swim in Lake Allatoona! YIKES! Stay tuned...

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