Training Update

I know I've been severely lacking in updating my training blog over the past few weeks. Luckily, I have not been severely lacking in said training... I'm still plugging right along... With only 54 days to go until the big event, I'd better be! :-)

I won't go back to my last update and bore you with every detail... just some of the highlights:

  • Still swimming at least twice/week, including every Wednesday night with TEAM. The pool is open at the 50m length now, which I think is better for practicing endurance. In the past few weeks, we have learned how to draft (swim behind someone in order to use less energy), sight (look above water to see where we're going - will be quite useful in an open water swim), and have started to work on increasing our speed. Unfortunately, I felt my technique completely fall apart once I started to speed up in the water. Tonight at the gym, I went "back to basics" and worked on a lot of the drills I learned early on... it really helped me remember what proper technique looks and feels like.

  • After the Super Sprint Tri, I wasn't on my bike for almost 2 weeks (gasp)! Mostly due to the long weekend in Florida - where I watched 4000 other people ride their bikes at St. Anthony's Triathlon. This event is called the "Daytona 500 of Triathlons." It's the kickoff event of the season, and one of the largest events! Absolutely inspiring to watch... Anyway, I was back on my bike this weekend for a 15 mile ride at Big Creek Greenway.

  • Ran the Big Peach 5K this past Saturday. Big Peach Running Co. is a GREAT running shoe store in town that does a ton of work with Team in Training and LLS. This race every year benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I had a pretty good race, only 9 seconds off my personal record.

  • Back to boot camp 3 days/week. We had a 2 week hiatus, since my coach was competing at St. Anthony's. Back at it now, in the perfect weather time of year for outdoor workouts!
Like I said, just the highlights...

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