And The Swim Achievement Award Goes To...

Me! I'm not even kidding.

I've blogged here about my fear of the pool, my lack of swimming foundation, and my total mess of swim technique. I've also mentioned that I've been making great strides in the past 4 weeks, and that I'm getting more and more comfortable. But when my coaches were singing my praises to me privately, I thought "OK sure, they just want to keep me motivated - that's what good coaches do."

So, this morning at our Group Training Session, my swim coach gets up in front of the entire Summer Tri Team and calls me out as the recipient of the first special recognition of the season! For "Swimming Achievement!" From a lane 1 swimmer (beginner) who wouldn't open her eyes underwater to the one demonstrating proper form for the rest of the team! Yeah, she said all that.

So, what does my smokin' hot new bike helmet have to do with swimming? ;-) Well, that's the prize that I got to pick out of the bag of Team in Training loot. Sweet.

I'm "TRI"-ing to save lives! Want to help?

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Becky said...

No way! That's awesome!! So, how much will you charge to give Jackson swim lessons this summer? :)