..But This TEAM Member Is Temporarily Knocked Down

OK, so maybe I wasn't completely over being sick. Maybe I shouldn't have run 4 miles in the rain on Saturday. Maybe I didn't need to go out in the snow and spend 2 hours in the pool on Sunday. I know. I am sick as a dog now.

Went to see the doc today and am now armed with meds and an inhaler. I haven't worked out since Sunday, and am missing TEAM swim tonight :-( I feel like I can't miss a workout (especially a group workout), but everyone keeps reminding me that my event is still nearly 4 months away, and that I have plenty of time... so I am just accepting that advice and getting as much rest as I can.

So, I apologize for the lack of exciting training updates this week, but plan to be back at it in time for a group "brick" (ride and run) on Saturday. We are expecting glorious Spring weather over the next week, and I plan to take advantage of it!


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