Action-Packed Weekend...So Far...

After being sidelined for a couple of days due to a terrible head cold, I was seriously anxious to get back on the "workout wagon" for today's GTS. TEAM had a special Group Training Session planned for today! All TNT teams for both the Spring and Summer seasons (triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, and adventure racers) were getting together for a group run. After the run, all of our coaches, mentors, and LLS staff members were hosting a picnic.

The plan was slightly foiled by the torrential rain that we've been having for 2 straight days... but TEAM doesn't cancel for rain! There were still a ton of us huddled around in the pouring rain before 8am this morning. We did something really cool - the first mile of the run was a "Silent Mile" - everyone ran in silence while we reflected on the purpose of our training. We ran in silence in memory of or to honor all of our personal heroes as well as all of those that are currently battling blood cancers. It was really quite touching!

Apparently, I was quite inspired and caught up in the energy of the day... because, as the rain came down HARDER and HARDER, I just kept running. Before I realized it, I had run 4 miles (for the record, before today I had never run more than a 5K (3.1 miles) at one time in my life)!! I was soaked from head to toe - I had to keep pulling up my running tights because they were so heavy with water. The run was followed by an "indoor picnic" with tons of great food!

After a trip home to warm up and put on dry clothes, we headed out to...where else? REI for their "Scratch and Dent" sale! Picked up a few good buys on accessories, but while we were there, I saw an upgraded version of the new bike I bought less than 3 weeks ago. (Oh no, you know where this is going...)

I am convinced by my "ultra tech-y" husband ;-) (who wants to have the top of the line gear of every kind!) and the super-nice manager at REI to go home and retrieve my not yet 3 week-old bike and exchange it for this much better one that only costs a little bit more due to their AWESOME sale. And of course, this is not the REI store that is close to our house... so I sit here late tonight and introduce you to... My NEW NEW bike... the K2 T:Nine Twister (pictured above)!

This one has the fancy clipless pedals - so now I need to buy cycling shoes, oh yeah, and learn how to use them before next Saturday's group ride! Now I have anxiety again... STAY TUNED...swim clinic tomorrow!

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