I took the plunge and bought a road bike this morning (K2 T:Nine Whirlwind)- just in time to take it out for a ride on a BEAUTIFUL February day in Georgia (I'm talking 70 degrees and sunny at ride time!)!!! I had found this one online at REI and decided that since it was in the price range of the ones I tested yesterday, I would stop by the store to see if they had one I could try out.... Well, folks - JACKPOT - not only did they have one sized just right for me - the store had it for $300 LESS than the online (sale) price...yes...$300 LESS!!! Because it is a 2008 model and not a 2009, they were closing it out. Um, yeah...like that matters to me.

While it was being tuned up and prepped for me, I also hit the jackpot in the cycling clearance bin... new gloves, and two cycling jerseys... really nice ones, for like 60% off! I'm in love with REI today :-)

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