YOUR Support is SO AWESOME!!

I just wanted to start this entry by expressing my sincere THANKS and gratitude to all of you who continue to donate to LLS and support me in this journey! I'm four weeks into my training, and YOU have already supported me to the tune of over $500! (To those of you who have given or mailed checks to me, you will get donor credit on my website once LLS processes your payment...I'm told this can take a couple of weeks). This is an AMAZING start to my campaign - but I still have quite a way to go! Please continue to follow my progress and spread the word about what I'm doing - it really is a great cause!!

Monday: Practiced my swim drills after work at the gym. I really am taking the swimming part seriously, as it is my biggest "opportunity."

Tuesday: 5:15am boot camp... then hit the road for an overnight biz trip to Charlotte.

Wednesday: Workout #1 - ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill at the hotel gym. Made it back to Atlanta in time for Workout #2 - weekly Team swim! Made it "swimmingly" through all of my drills, and right before getting out of the pool...drum roll.... I started swimming freestyle...in a fashion that I'm told actually resembled proper swim technique! My swim coach was actually having me help demonstrate proper form to other teammates in my "beginner lane!" This is nothing short of amazing, as I would barely swim with my face in the water just four weeks ago! I can't give enough credit to my amazing coaches and the whole Team in Training program!

Today is my weekly rest day...but I have an exciting training calendar lined up for the next few days... boot camp tomorrow morning, Team run on Saturday morning, and a swim clinic on Sunday morning...


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