Are Those Icicles In My Hair?

Update from yesterday...after a 12.5 hour day trip to Charlotte for work, I managed to hit the gym and ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes last night. My training schedule called for a 20-30 minute bike ride, but an indoor bike was what I could fit in after 6+ hours of driving - and was much needed after sitting in the car and in meetings all day ;-)

Tonight was our first group swim with Team... we swam in lanes with our mentors while the coaches assessed our "starting" swim ability. Starting next week, we will be in lanes with fellow trainees who are of similar skill level - everything from "omigod, I'm drowning!" up to "former competitive swimmer." I imagine (hope) that I will fall somewhere in between. The swim drills tonight were great, and I feel totally energized now (though I NEED to go to sleep)! The worst part? Getting out of the outdoor pool (covered for winter) and running outside (not covered) to the locker room. In 19 degree weather. With seriously gusty winds. Yeah, I'm more than ready for spring.


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