The Drain Monster

OK, I'm just going to get this out of the way early on... I'm afraid of the pool. Well, more accurately, I'm afraid of the various drain mechanisms in the pool. I don't want to think about them, I don't want to step on them, and heaven help me if I open my eyes under water and see one! Eeek!

Yes, I'm a freak. But, we all have our things, right?

I've known for quite a while that the whole swimming thing is going to be the biggest obstacle I'm going to have to overcome in order to complete this triathlon. I started swimming in the pool at the gym about a month ago with a friend of mine. I'm not afraid of the water, I know how to keep myself afloat and swim (although not well from a technical standpoint), I just don't want to open my eyes when my face is in the water, for fear of some plastic contraption that threatens to suck me into the abyss! So far, people have been able to coach me on my swim strokes and my breathing technique, but no one knows what to say about my fear of the drain. They probably think I must be kidding. I wish I was.

So, did I make my 5am swim this morning? No. It's one thing to make it to boot camp at 5:15am every morning, or to the gym when I'm meeting someone there for a 5:30am class. But, to get up and face the pool BY MYSELF at that hour... I totally chickened out! HOWEVER, I did redeem myself by going to the gym to swim laps after work. The pool was packed, which was good for alleviating my fears, but bad because I felt rushed and crowded. But, I swam for about 20 minutes and tried to work on my breathing. Did I open my eyes underwater? Nope. The way I figure, the triathlon will be in Lake Lanier- what I am going to see then other than an old washing machine and beer bottles?

So, I'm looking forward to our first group swim on Wednesday night... to see if my coaches and my teammates can get me over this irrational fear...


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